Lirik Lagu Gita Gutawa ~ Scary Love

Judul Lagu : Scary Love
Penyanyi : Gita Gutawa
Album : The Next Chapter
Orchestra : Members of London Symphony Orchestra
Guitra : Budi Rahardjo
Drums : Carlo
Orchestra arrangement & bass : Erwin Gutawa
Music, vocal & backing vocal arrangement : Gita Gutawa
Published : Sony Music Ent. Indonesia

Lirik Lagu Scary Love – Gita Gutawa

You’re in my mind, You’re in my head
I can’t stop thinking about you
I close my eyes, I see you there

Well i don’t know what you do to me
I feel like losing my heart and dignity
I let you into my world, now you’re in control

You bring me up, You knock me down
And yet I’m still beside you
Without your voice I feel so lost

I used to be fine just by myself
But you came to my life, everything changed
Wherever you go I’ll go
Whatever you say I’ll follow

This is a scary love
Am I letting this feeling go way too far
This is a scary love
My soul, my body aches when you hurt me
You own me, you own me
You take my heart, now you own me
You own me, yo own me


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